The money we have on 15.6.2019


35050 EUR = 43,75%

from the costs of about 80.000 Euro

unfortunately the prices raised in India

The pictures show the beginning of the construction of a schoolbuilding. As soon as we get more money, the construction can get on. The building could be finished inbetween one month if we had enough money.

Please help us!


Come together, help together


In a small village in India called Khajwati, near Bodhgaya in the district of Bihar, there is an elementary school, which is financed with private money. It is called Maha Bodhi Tree School.

I visited this school during a workshop with the spiritual teacher and healer Don Hanson in the year 2012.

The children where sitting on plastic bags on the floor, some classes where held in open air, others in
decrepit ruins of a former monastery.

They had almost no material needed for lessons.

Most of the teaching we saw, was repeating something in chorus after the teacher.

I was deeply touched and decided to offer some help.

During February and March 2013 I spent 8 weeks in the village and another 8 weeks in 2014.

Friends had given me some money and I could buy good quality
notebooks and pens, etc. for all the 180 children for, from our point of view, little money.

And in 2014 I could give so much money to Sanjeev, that he can pay the teachers for one year.

As I worked as a teacher in various schools for many years, from grade one to ten, I could support the children in learning English language . And I could provide new pedagogical ideas to the teachers, who have studied different subjects - except teaching.

The children and teachers were wonderful, very open and interested and learning very fast. They truly won my heart with their sparkling eyes and their lovely smiles.

Sanjeev Kumar, a 35 years old biologist and happy father of two daughters, grew up in the village. With the deep
desire to provide better chances for the children, he installed the school in the village.
When I was there, he paid 4 teachers for 6 groups. That was already
stretching his means to the limit. (picture 3, together with me)

Initiated by Don Hanson he got some support from different people in the last years and now
I am doing my best to help him.

Thanks to Sanjeev about 180 children get a chance to go to school. For most of them this is the only possibility to visit a school. There is no other school in the area and most of the parents have no money to pay a school bus or a private school. Many families
can only afford one meal a day.

The school takes place in
a ruin where the children are only tolerated temporarily.

Nursery, class one, and two take place in open air (pictures 2, 4 and 7).

When it is raining or when it is
too hot classes are not possible.

The classes 3, 4 and 5 sit in dark rooms with plain walls and no windows.
The only light comes through the missing doors. There are many holes in the roof. (pictures 5, 6 and 8).

Here is my request now:

This season there are 7 classes in the school.

One teacher gets 70 Euro a month.

When I was there, Sanjeev could only pay four teachers.

What I deeply wish for are regular monthly contributions to cover the salary of the 7 teachers.

For one time donations I will be grateful too.

If I
should get more money than needed for the basics, the children could get a meal at school. That would be fantastic for them.

The official name of the non-profit project is:


Förderung der privaten Dorfschule Khajwati/Indien“

(“Subsidy-Project for the Private Village School Khajwati/India“)

Within Germany I can issue taxdeductable contribution receipts.


The details of the account you can find under "account"

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