In December 2015 finally all needed paperwork is done an now I can ask for money for the building of a new school.

We have already around 9000 Euro and I asked Sanjeev, to start the

building immediately.

I am very happy, that the building will come now and ask for support

to everybody, who wants and can help



Here you can see the costs of the whole building:


1- 90 chair and table made by iron and wood------                  198000 Rs.

2- 210 box for keep Note book and book etc for student-      126000 Rs.

3- black board 7 pic x 1200                                                           8400 Rs. 

4- garden and plantation                                                             27000 Rs. 

5- total building material coast                                               5554379 Rs.

6- engineer                                                                                      8000 Rs.  

7- teacher chair and table  for 7 class room                              35000 Rs

8- office almira 3pc x 12000                                                         36000 Rs

 5- total building material coast                                               5554379 Rs.                                                                             -------------------------------

  Total amount-         5992779 Rs.





The pictures on the right side speak for themselves.


The following reasons show clearly why I am deeply motivated to get a school building for the children:


- It depends totally on the weather conditions whether

  lessons can take place. Most children sit in the plain air.

- In March 2013 lessons had to start at 7 am because

  at 10 am it was already unbearable 40 degrees.

- In January and February 2014 it rained very much

  and it was so cold, that many days no teaching was


   - It is entirely impossible to hold classes during the

     hottest periods, when it is raining, and the same in the

     monsoon season. This adds up to many weeks during

     the year.

   - There is no place to affix any visual teaching


   - Many snakes live in the region. The ruins are an El

     Dorado for snakes, everywhere are heaps of stones.

     After school is finished no one would enter this area.

     I once saw a very poisonous snake very close to the

     children, which frightened me very much.

   - In the morning the teachers have to search for

     snakes and remove them before the children can


  - There is no medical care available, nor money to pay

     for it.

  - There are no toilets. The girls must run home, the

     boys use the environment.

  - The very few materials are kept in a small, dark room

     quite a  distance away. Bad luck if you forgot something...

   - Something like a staff-room for the teachers does

     not exist.

   - Everybody can enter the place whenever he wants.


Following ideas were developed with Sanjeev, the head of the school, Pappu, his brother in law and a very nice architect:


Sanjeev will donate a very nice plot of land.

This land belongs now to the trust for safety reasons.


The building will be in U-shape, surrounded by fruit trees.


These rooms are needed:

7 classrooms for 7 grades

1 general-purpose room

1 room for gymnastics

1 kitchen

1 staff-room for teachers and materials

4 toilets

 1 washroom


The entire project will cost about 78.000 Euro.


Sanjeev and I asked the villagers to help with the construction work. The response was positive.




On July 17th the buildings were breaking down.



                        Please help the children!

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