My last name is Engel. That means angel in English. That's why I chose the title "angels-for-indian-school"

 My studies and experiences

 - Master of teaching grades 1 -10

 - Teaching many different subjects at very different


 - Associate head of school with a wide range of

   organizational tasks.

  - Licensed psychologist, working as a school


 - One on one counseling for children, teachers and


 - Therapeutic work with children, parents and families.

 - Supervision for groups of teachers.


I am retired since many years


My motivation


For many years I was looking for a new mission. When I came to Khajwati I was so deeply touched by the whole situation that I could not turn away. (Although I never wanted to go to India!)


In the beginning of 2013 I spent 8 weeks at the school and had much fun, and good results supporting the children and teachers. I made many new experiences during this time. In 2014 I spent another 8 weeks there and could deepen my support.


The contact with Sanjeev, the founder and leader of the school, and Pappu, his brother in law, was a great gift for me, bringing many new impulses and experiences.


My goals


First of all I want to support as many students as possible to acquire enough knowledge, so that they will not have to suffer poverty like their parents, but may have a better life.


Secondly, I want to enable the teachers to teach in a more effective and expedient way by offering them practical ideas from my wide experience.


Fortunately, the teachers responded positively to me and to my recommendations. They immediately implemented my suggestions.


And the children were amazing. Everything I offered they absorbed like sponges and were able to apply it easily.


Last but not least I will do what I can to raise money for a school building.




That's me on the way to the school

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